About Us


It’s not surprising to see an interpreter at the front of a church translating the spoken word into sign language. What’s unusual is seeing an interpreter translating the preacher’s sign language into the spoken word. That’s what happens three times a week at Turning Point Church.

Rowen PreachThough he communicates with sign language; Kenneth Rowan’s preaching nevertheless evokes the feeling of an old time fire-and-brimstone sermon. He lays out the truth just as he sees it with no holds barred – working up a sweat and punctuation his message with thumps on the lectern. His wife, Theresa Rowan, translates his sign language sermon into spoken words.

The church meets at 1391 Carr St. Suite 101 Lakewood, CO. 80214.

Though Kenneth Rowan is deaf and the sermon is given in sign, the service is far from quiet. During worship service, music is played and the congregation is lead in song both singing and signing the words. Congregation members play the guitar and drums.

A worship service may included the singing of “He Set Me Free,” “Just a Little Talk With Jesus,” “Thank God For The Blood” and There is Power in the Blood”.

As Kenneth Rowan preaches, he writes scripture references on a board so the congregation could look them up and follow along in their Bibles.

In true Pentecostal fashion, members responded with enthusiastic clapping and shouting, some of them jumping up and down, to show their agreement with Kenneth Rowan’s points.

Services are at 10 am and 6 pm. Sundays and Bible study is at 7:30 pm. Wednesday. The Rowans can be reached by telephone at 720-210-5677 VP or Voice 303-884-2411.